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Are you currently in a career transition? Learn more from our colleagues at the Department of Veterans Affairs about the opportunities you’ll have working at the VA.

When he left the Air Force, David Perry didn’t know where to go with his career. He didn’t consider a career at the Department of Veterans Affairs, thinking they only hired healthcare professionals. Perry quickly discovered there is a world of opportunities beyond direct patient care in the nation’s largest integrated health system.

Starting out in human resources, Perry now serves as chief officer of workforce management and consulting for the Veterans Health Administration. He’s discovered a rewarding career with a rich benefits package and the biggest perk of all—helping our nations’ heroes.

“There is no better place to work, in my opinion, than VA,” said Perry. “The mission that we have in front of us inspires me every day to come to work and put my best foot forward.”

ACHE is here to support healthcare leaders in all stages of their careers, including those who are transitioning from military to civilian roles. If you are currently in a career transition, consider whether a role in VA is right for you.

Nation’s Largest Healthcare System

VHA is the country’s largest integrated healthcare system, providing care for more than nine million enrolled veterans each year at more than 1,200 facilities.

“Service to our nation’s veterans is the defining principle of VA,” said Eric Snipes, national executive healthcare recruitment consultant at VA. “Our executive leaders are focused on more than the financial bottom line. They make decisions that are always patient outcome centric.”

Every year, VA cares for millions of veterans throughout a vast network of facilities. As a VA executive, you can apply your leadership skills, experience and expertise to helping shape the care our heroes receive. Executives run offices, facilities and networks of all sizes in communities across the U.S. 

“VA leaders adapt the care and services they provide to the unique needs and culture of veterans and the communities they live in,” Snipes said. “You will gain healthcare leadership experience that is unparalleled in any other system in the nation.”

Generous Benefits

VA employees go above and beyond to ensure veterans get the care they need, and VA makes sure their hard work is rewarded with highly competitive salaries and a suite of excellent benefits.

Executive leaders at VA enjoy:

  • Premium-paid medical, vision and dental insurance. VA keeps you and your family protected with the widest selection of health plans in the country.
  • Robust retirement. You’ll enjoy a three-tier retirement plan that includes Social Security, a federal pension and a 401(k)-type plan with up to 5% in employer contributions.
  • Work-life balance. Take up to 49 days of paid time off per year, including 26 days of annual leave, 13 days of sick leave and 10 federal holidays. New parents receive 12 weeks of paid parental leave.
  • Education and training. VA provides one of the most comprehensive education support programs in the country, with scholarships, loan repayment and reimbursement assistance. Take a course at a partner university, mentor a colleague or expand your skills in a different direction with professional development.
  • Flexibility. With facilities in every state and several U.S. territories, you can easily relocate without losing seniority or accrued benefits. Flexible scheduling is often available, and telework options are being expanded. “COVID-19 has really forced us to push the boundaries on what kind of work can be done remotely,” said Jessica Bonjorni, chief of human capital management at VHA.
  • A shared mission. Executives lead a staff dedicated to carrying out VA’s mission of providing first-rate medical care while supporting our core values of integrity, commitment, advocacy, respect and excellence. Across VA, workers are united by a common purpose, commitment to teamwork, and culture of improvement and innovation.

Millions of veterans count on VA each day to improve the quality of their lives through exceptional healthcare practices. Apply your leadership skills to help VA deliver on this very important mission.